Boudoir photography is about empowering women, letting go of insecurities and allowing you to love yourself in a world that tells you not to. 

Boudoir is a way to quiet that voice inside your head that tells you that you are not worthy.

Whatever stage of life you're in: soon to be bride, new mom, turning 40, 50, 60- LET'S CELEBRATE IT.


My clients are real women, just like you.



Get out of your own head and do the damn thing. It’s scary, I know. I have skin hanging in places it shouldn’t, rolls on parts that should be flat, and you see NONE of that when Whitney works her magic! It’s absolutely terrifying to get naked, half naked, whatever in front of a total stranger and then let her take your picture, but when you leave the studio, the feeling is indescribable. I have never felt more beautiful, more empowered, or more fierce ever in my life. Just do it.
— BC
Whitney is absolutely AMAZING. We laughed and I was able to let go and have fun. I would definitely recommend this for anyone. I haven’t ever been fully confident in my own skin and I’m quick to negatively compare myself to other people. At the reveal I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. This is something that every woman should experience
— SR
My session with Whitney was amazing.I had tossed around the idea of doing a boudoir shoot for over a year and with my wedding coming up I thought this would be the perfect gift for my future hubby! The pictures turned out awesome. I’ve never seen myself look so good. My thoughts for anyone thinking of doing one is to just go ahead and do it! You’ll be glad you did!! I am a bit self conscious and Whitney made me feel very comfortable during the shoot. All around an awesome experience!
— KG
So much fun. I have always been very self conscious and insecure with my body, but after having my second child I was at an all time low. This session really made me feel good about myself! On reveal day I couldn’t help but think to myself “like that’s me, that’s really me!!!” And my album is amazing!!! The quality is out of this world.
— RB
Whether you are doing it for yourself or for your Significant Other, I promise that you and/or they will LOVE the finished product. If you have doubts please know that I am so super self conscious about my body/face......I never thought that I could be sexy enough to take boudoir photos. Whitney has a way of bringing out your inner super model/sexy goddess. Let her help ease you out of your comfort zone.....I absolutely loved working with her! It was a fun and relaxed atmosphere. She can show you just how beautiful you truly are.
— AC