Did you hear that? That was the deep breath I just took! Fayetteville TN Boudoir


Did you hear that?

That was the deep breath I just took!

That was me in all my nakedness and honesty. And although it was absolutely terrifying knowing she would post it, I think it might be one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I wanted to invite you to know more about my experience with Whitney.

It's not a stretch to say it was life changing. So forever grateful.

I did something yesterday. I’ve done it before, twice actually. My first boudoir experience was a birthday gift for my husband about five years ago. I picked out things that I thought he’d like and had a special take away from the first time doing something like that, which seamed really intimidating. The second was a mini-session that was gifted to me by the photographer. It was also fun and helped me to get a bit more comfortable with being vulnerable in this type of setting.

The boudoir experience I had yesterday was very different.

This time I did it for myself.

I am 41 years old and now fully appreciate that I’m not perfect. I’ve got wrinkles and all kinds of things that come along with aging. I’ve done my fair share of picking myself apart and wishing away things about myself just for the sake of not having to see them. I have gone through significant health struggles due to a birth defect that not only cosmetically bothered me but also significantly compromised my overall health. I also went through a period after having kids (at 30 and 34) where I felt like my body wasn’t mine anymore and that I had lost a part of who I used to be. I didn’t see myself the same way. And it made me sad that I had lost that confidence in myself because deep down I knew better than to think of myself that way. I think it’s pretty normal for women to go through these phases but it’s not always easy to talk about.

Now I can honestly say that I see and value all of those things about myself and am thankful for what my body does for me and for my family. Part of it is because I’m (literally) “older and wiser” and have more appreciation for everything in my life, including my health. Part of it is also due to choosing to make time for myself in different ways and finding healthy ways to deal with stress. My focus is now teaching my girls about the value of their own bodies and how to have a positive and healthy self-image, no matter what stage of life they are going through.

Ok, insert my sesh with Whitney. I was treated like a queen, first off. Tabbatha made me feel gorgeous with some serious hair and make-up. I felt like an elevated version of myself…and who doesn’t want that on a day when you’re already a little nervous? The entire experience was very thoughtful. From hair and make-up we then moved on to one of the most fun parts of the day…picking out outfits! Did you know Whitney carries a full inventory of all things fun and beautiful and versatile? I loved that I could bring things from home, pick from her options and have her guidance to what would make the shoot comfortable and dynamic with the best results. She truly is an expert in knowing what works…and her number one rule is “if you don’t feel comfortable in it then don’t wear it.”

The shoot itself was so fun (and a little painful – so make sure you stretch)! She has a big bag of tricks…in her pocket and in her head…and this made it so easy to just hang on tight and enjoy the ride. I didn’t have to know what to do or how to stand or how to hold my head or what to do with my hands or anything…she guided me through the entire shoot, as we laughed all along the way. And then she fed me lunch…which was awesome. So many deliberate details throughout the day that made me feel like this was truly an investment and I’m certain that every client that walks through the studio door will feel the same way.

Whitney is an ally for ALL women. Read that again. If there is one take away from this whole journey is that we are all worthy of feeling the way she sees us through her lens and in her heart. I didn’t expect for the reveal to be so emotional or liberating. But man, it changed me forever. Going through this type of self-expression is different for everyone, I know. For me it was so much more than the hair and make-up and the pretty lingerie. It went far beyond the beautiful imagery and the finished product. Will I show my husband? Of course! And will he love it? I’m pretty certain that he will. BUT. More importantly…I gave myself a gift of healing and self-care and love. And Whitney artfully and whole-heartedly helped me to that. And I am forever grateful.

Whitney Browning