Anna's Session Experience

Anna came to see me in January of 2019. She did her session just for a gift for herself and originally didn’t want to share her images. I got a message from her last week saying she had thought about it for months and wanted to share her story and images to help other women who were on the fence about their own session. She is truly beautiful inside and out and I’m so glad to have met her.


Age: 39

Why did you choose Whitney Browning Boudoir for your session? :

I have seen Whitney's work through the beautiful pictures on Face Book and her Blog.

What were your fears coming into the session? :

I had several "fears" going into my session. The main one being able to feel comfortable with my self image enough to do it.

Did those fears come true? :

No. I was made to feel amazing, empowered, beautiful, hot, sexy etc.

What was your favorite part of the experience and why? :

I loved getting my hair and makeup done. But, my favorite part was being able to see by amazing pictures at the end of my session.

How did you feel DURING your session? :

Amazing, beautiful, empowered, lifted up, smoking hot and sexy.

How did you feel seeing your images for the first time?:

My favorite part. I had tears come to my eyes.

Do you feel like you have a better relationship with your body since your session?:

Oh definitely!

What will you do in the future to show yourself some self-love? :

Try and do another shoot.

Do you have any advice for women interested in booking a boudoir session?:

This is one of the most empowering things that I have ever done! Whitney and Tabbatha both were awesome. Whitney will talk you through everything.