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So, you’ve booked your boudoir session, now what? All of my clients get a tip guide and session timeline plan when they book, I want you to be prepared as possible, but here are a few of my favorite tips.



I know it can be scary and you’re probably wondering what the hell you’ve gotten yourself into, but I can assure you, you are in great hands and we are going to have a blast. Nerves got the best of you? Bring some champagne to sip on during hair and makeup! Seriously the hardest parts are making the appointment and showing up. I’ll help you with every pose, every outfit, all of it, you won’t be left to figure it out.

You got this girl. Do the scary things.

Start prepping the week before

Inside and out. Drink your water and use lotion. Avoid greasy foods and alcohol. Take care of any self care appointments such as waxing, nails, toenails and eyebrows. Please for the love of all things sexy, do not spray tan, use fake tanner, or do chemical peels before your session.

Try on your lingerie

While some clients use only my wardrobe, I do recommend bringing at least one thing of your own, usually a great fitting bra and panty set since most of my items do not have cups. And if you don’t like something you’ve bought, leave it at home. I can’t tell you how many times clients have shown up and said “I really don’t like this but you decide”, listen, if you don’t love it on you, you won’t like the pictures in it. We will find you something great! This leads me to the next thing..

Be brave and think outside the box

I have had a lot of clients who never wear lingerie, or only wear black, or only wear bodysuits. It’s okay to not like certain things (and you can totally tell me!), but if you’re unsure, just try it- you may love it.

Thinking outside the box: a pair of jeans/cut off booty shorts, a white tee shirt, an oversized sweater, a leather jacket, a blazer.. all of these can be just as sexy as lingerie. Don’t feel limited, hit your closet and see what you have, you’ll be surprised!

*No props, please. If you have jewelry that has sentimental value, absolutely bring it! But avoid jerseys, military apparel, weapons, sports equipment, masks, etc etc etc.

Go commando

Yep, everyone loves this one. But it is super important that you not have lines on your skin from bras, panties, watches, socks, etc. Please wear something loose fitting! Tip: Many ladies just bring a change of clothes if they want to walk around and shop during our break before reveal.


Oh, you will thank me for this one. You will basically be doing boudoir yoga during your session and trust me when I say, you will feel it the next day. But, 100% worth it (everyone always says after they’ve “survived” the arch, they have a new level of respect for all the women who they see doing it haha!). Arched backs, pointed toes, booty poppin, get ready and stretch before you come.


Last tip..

Be kind to yourself

I don’t allow any self hate talk in my studio, period. Leave the negative vibes at home.


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