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I've been studying a bit on the things that are holding ladies back from booking a boudoir session, fears. Girl, I get it. It's scary- we are going to talk it out. Sometimes we have to do scary things to be able to do great things. 


1. You don't have anyone to do this session for.

You will hear me say this over and over again, do not ever do a boudoir session for anyone but YOU. If you do have a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, and you want to share them with that person, that's totally fine, but do it FOR YOU. They will not feel your confidence coming back. They will not understand the feeling you have prancing around the studio, strutting your stuff (yeah everyone does it). They will not understand when you finally look into the mirror and see the reflection of the woman you somehow lost many years ago. How long has it been since you've seen her?


2. You don't think you'll look like the clients on my website/group.

Honestly, everyone feels this way. I can't think of one single client that didn't walk into my studio with her own insecurities and doubts. I guide you the entire time so you are always looking your best. None of the women you see are models, they are every day women, just like you. They are moms, they are daughters, they are grandmothers, they are single, they are married, they are almost married, they are badasses.  Your images will be website worthy. On that note, while most of my clients are so proud of their images, and want them shared all over, I do NOT require you to do so! Your session can be kept as private or as public as you choose.


3. You don't think you have the right body.

You have a body, therefore, you have the right body for boudoir. I can't tell you how many times I've heard this one. The fact that a woman who is a size zero and a woman who is size 22, both hate their bodies- shows that the problem isn't the body at all. Society has trained us to believe that we will NEVER be the perfect weight. No matter how hard we hit the gym, no matter what crazy diet we put ourselves on, no matter what surgery we have. This belief has changed our lives for years- making us avoid certain clothes, we hide in photos, we turn the lights off (yeah I went there). I kept waiting to take my photos until I lost weight, y'all if I had waited, I'd be dead. Who TF cares if you have rolls, stretchmarks, scars - we all do. #stillsexy. You are enough, just the way you are. And I will show you that. 



4. You don't think you can afford it.

Okay, I hear this one a lot. And I get it. Booking a boudoir session is an investment. It's one that only grows over time, unlike everything else we blow our money on (let's be real- how many handbags do we need?). You can not put a price on the ability to love yourself, this will change every aspect of your life, in a positive way. Make yourself a priority. I provide every opportunity to make this experience doable for you. You can set up monthly payments through square or paypal credit. If you want to talk more about this, send me an email.


5. You think you don't need it.

So, maybe you don't. But never once has a client regretted her session. Many want to do it again and again. This isn't just a photo shoot, this is a celebration of you. This is a reminder that you are beautiful and worthy, and you still got it. Every woman deserves photos of herself that make her feel beautiful. Give yourself the gift of self love/confidence.


You have one life-

what are you doing FOR YOU?

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