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So, you've gone to the store, you're looking at the bazillion options and you're stressed right? Don't stress, keep these tips in mind and you'll find some banging options.  Lingerie shopping for your boudoir session seems to be overwhelming to most so here are my favorite tips and favorite stores to get you started! While I do have a large client closet, I do think it's a great idea to have at least one piece of your own to have and pull out at home.

Remember that trying things on is important. Sometimes things look meh on the hanger, then when you put it on your body, you're looking in that mirror saying damn, I look hot. It can also sometimes be the opposite, and that is okay too! There are lots of options out there, keep trying.

One of my favorite lingerie pieces is the bodysuit. You can find bodysuits nearly everywhere and they look great on every single body type. Bodysuits with a plunging neck line are great for photos, however, there are some out there that go all the way to the belly button and I'm personally not a fan.


Another favorite is matching bra and panty sets. You can find so many options out there now, pieces with lace or crossing straps are very visually appealing in photos. Tip: If you're buying something strappy (little lines of fabric in the design),  buy a size larger than normal. You don't want them digging into your skin.


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Sometimes my favorite options are the over looked ones that you already have at home- such as the oversized sweater (or ahem, denim booty shorts). While I typically say to avoid loose fitting pieces like baby dolls and men's shirts - the sweater look is so gorgeous, so I break my own rule there.


Last but not least, your birthday suit. Gasp! At the end of every session you have the option to take some fine art nudes showing off your beautiful body. If you're in my VIP facebook group, you've seen these. I feel like most women come in now and straight away say they "want that photo they saw in the group" but sometimes it takes a while to warm up to the idea too. Both are ok, both are normal and this is your decision. 9 times out of 10, after you've spent your morning with me laughing, you're prancing around in that birthday suit anyway. For those who prefer implied nude, the white sheet sessions are always available to my clients, as well.


Favorite places to shop for lingerie: (reading reviews is important if you're ordering online!)

Torrid | Victoria Secret | Yandy | Forever21 | Amazon | Fashion Nova | Adore Me  


Hope these tips helped you! If you have any other favorite stores, comment below.

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