Hold on to your seats ladies, glitter bomb of truth coming.

This one might get things thrown at me, so take a deep breath because it needs to be said.

I know some feel strongly about this, and I truly do not want to hurt any feelings. But this is a real issue and I want to explain. I will always be honest about what looks good for your session and what does not.

Spray/fake tans can, and usually do, ruin your boudoir photos.

Yes, spray tans are safer and easier than conventional tanning.

Yes, I know what it’s like to be pale (hello red hair and freckles #paleAF)

No, I still don’t think you “will look better tan”

The truth is:

  • You will likely look orange in your photos and that is extremely difficult to edit out and is costly to retouch due to the added time.

  • It is very possible that you will leave streaks of orange on the bedding, on the furniture, on the lingerie, etc, in my studio.

  • If your spray tan starts to fade or your skin is dry, you could look scaly.

  • I don’t know that I have ever seen one 100% even (in my studio at least!).

  • When you’re looking in the mirror, you can not see everything that I will see in your photos. And in all the HD professional grade camera glory, there are the problem areas, staring right at me.

I think seeing is believing, so I am showing you an unedited look at a client with spray tan.

She has given me permission to do this so you all can understand why I say no to this.

Honestly, I think it speaks for itself. This will result in many extra hours of editing for me.

I would 100% rather use my editing to “warm” skin if you wish. I have worked with many women and I want you to look and feel amazing. You don’t need a fake tan for that. I would much rather you have a pale ass than have a splotchy, orange ass.

My tip guide highly discourages spray/fake tanning of any kind, you can see it IN ALL CAPS.

I know many of you use spray tans for other occasions,

BUT your boudoir session should NOT be one of those times.

Please just trust me and say no to tans.

Whitney Browning