What is a Glambassador?

My goal is to empower all of the babes and I need your help to do that! If you are chosen for the Glambassador Program, you will represent my brand and my mission. You will be a part of my team, spreading body positivity and empowering/supporting women wherever you go.

Your responsibilities will include:

1. You MUST be kind and treat others with love. In other words: don't be an asshole, be body positive, respect everyone. When you are out in public (and even on your private timeline), you will be a face of my business, you will be under a spotlight. No drama/bullshit allowed.

2. Sharing your experience with everyone, both in person and on social media.

3. Being available for specific sessions or events when needed. It’s possible that we may have a big holiday event near the end of the year, you will have a heads up when/if this happens so you can plan to be there and help. I will have at least 2 smaller “events” at the studio, like wine night, you will need to be available to attend and help set up/clean up (these will be on a Friday night, possibly Saturday depending on the month).

4. Helping/posting in the group every week. Each team member will have one assigned day of the week to post something engaging for the group. Commenting and staying active every week is your responsibility. Once a month, you will be required to share something to your social media, this can be a testimony, it can be a photo from your session, it can be the link to the group, something to keep us on the minds of the women who are on the fence! You will earn bonus credits for doing this part!

5. You must be available for a group mimosa meeting and photo shoot to get to know the other badass babe members. This will be on a Monday morning in July (hoping for July 1, but that is not set in stone yet).


Do you have what it takes? Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I willing to sign a model release allowing all media created at that session to be shared on social media, marketing materials, etc with no restrictions?

  • Would I be willing to promote my experience with Whitney Browning Photography to my friends, coworkers, online followers… and basically shout the details about my session from the rooftops to anyone who will listen?

  • Would I enjoy a chance to earn products by referring my friends?



  • A diverse group of badass women who will be excited to share their photos and experience with everyone they know! I want my Brand Ambassadors to genuinely believe in what I do (and since you’re all past clients this time, I know you’re already out there doing this. Time to get rewards for it!).

  • A variety of body types - all shapes and sizes welcome!

  • Willing to sign a model release, allowing me full use of their images. (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

  • Women with amazing social networking skills because the more you promote your experience the greater it affects what you earn.



You will be able to earn $100 credit for each booked referral, to go towards your next session (those who book using your referral get a $100 product credit also, so make sure they know your name)!!

The bonus rewards you will receive after becoming a glambassador with Whitney Browning Boudoir include:

1. One complimentary session after your term (within 6 months of ending.)

2. Full hair & makeup for your session

3. Monthly bonus credits for preforming social media duties



Name *
Phone *
I understand that I will be required to sign a full model release *
no exceptions
I understand that I am expected to stay active and perform my duties for the entire 6 months of my contract. I will attend any and all events/meetings. *
I understand that glambassador sessions will take place on a weekday, and I will need to make arrangements at work to participate. *
I understand that I will be required to pay for any sessions/products if I choose to breach my contract. This includes: using another boudoir photographer(even a giveaway/free), behaving in a way that would reflect poorly on Whitney Browning Boudoir Studio, not showing up to appointments. *